16 York Street, Cannington, ON L0E 1E0

Renovation & Construction Training Program

SERA and Georgina Trades and Training Inc. along with our social enterprise client, Just Cause, got together to develop a program that would be delivered to youth with barriers to employment in the field of construction and renovations. As Ontario Works, Employment Services and Food Pantries in Brock Township and Georgina have noticed an increase in youth in need of employment and training, we decided to put together a program that would target this social need in the community.

As a result, we developed the Introduction to Construction and Renovation Program that is currently enrolling 45 youth to obtain certificates (Forklift, First Aid, WHIMIS, Chainsaw Safety, Fall Arrest, and more). Youth will also spend 8 weeks doing hands on training building community-based projects that are in desperate need of repairs and renovations. Throughout the program, youth are engaged to seek and secure employment.