16 York Street, Cannington, ON L0E 1E0

Brock Renewable Energy Co-operative

BREC (Brock Renewable Energy Cooperative) is a renewable energy co-operative that aims to generate electricity from renewable energy sources such a biogas. The purpose of the business is not to return a profit to members but to the community at large as conceived by the membership as well as trapping and burning harmful methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

BREC specializes in generating energy from biogas, which is a gas, mostly methane, produced during the decomposition or rotting of any organic material breaking down from its original or manufactured state (say grass clippings and corn silage or cooking oils and food waste) or after it has passed through the digestive system of an animal (manure). Biogas is collected during the controlled decomposition process in an anaerobic digester and can be used to power an internal combustion engine that drives a generator to produce electricity, or the gas can be compressed and used to power vehicles or fed into the local gas distribution network.

Social Impact

  • Co-operative model for the purpose of community ownership and control.

Environmental Impact

  • Renewable and clean energy source that will not be depleted.
  • 90% reduction in on-farm methane for farms hosting a biogas plant.
  • Aerobically digested manure converts to organic fertilizer.

Economic Impact

  • Job creation through biogas plant construction and operations.
  • Additional revenues for local farmers who host a biogas plant.